Process Flow Chart of Enzyme Wash

Enzyme wash:

Stonewash sometimes referred to as enzyme wash is most common in denim wearing. It is a laundering process that uses enzymes to soften and finish fabric; providing jeans and other garments with a worn-in look and feel. The use of enzymes comes with various benefits both economically and environmentally. The enzyme can be used for garment washing as well as fabric washing. Process flow chart of Enzyme Wash is as follows:

Process Flow Chart of Enzyme Wash
Enzyme Washed Jeans

The enzyme is a biocatalyst. The action of the enzyme during enzyme wash, hydrolysis of the cellulose, at first it attacks the having projecting fiber and hydrolyzed them. Then it attacks the yarn portion inside the fabric and partly hydrolyzed the yarn portion and a faded affect is produced.

Process Flow Chart of Enzyme Wash









Above all processes are discussed in the below table:

Process Procedure
1. Loading of garments At first, the required amount of garments are loaded into the machine.
2. De-sizing Garments are de-sized here by using de-sized chemicals
3. Rinse (Two times) After completing the de-size process, garments must be rinsed two times to remove the size material from the garments.
4. Addition of enzyme Here, the required amount of enzyme should be added by following the M:L ratio
5. Adjusting PH for Acid Cellulase or enzyme (4.5-5.5) by adding Acetic acid If the acid enzyme is added to the machine, then PH should be adjusted here in the required range (4.5-5.5) by adding acetic acid.
6. The required temperature kept for different enzyme The required temperature should be maintained for the different enzymes.
7. Tumbling for 30-60 min Garments are tumbled here for 30-60 minutes which depends on the shade.
8. Rinse (two times) Here, the garments are rinsed two times to remove starch from the garments
9. Softening Garments have produced a soft effect here by using softening chemicals.
10. Extracting After completing all the above processes, the garments are extracted here and send to the drying section
11. Drying Finally, all the clothing are dried here by using a gas dryer or steam dryer(depending on the shade)
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