Flow Chart of R&D Section in Textile Industry

R&D section 

R&D (Research and Development) section plays a vital role in the overall production and quality of the fabric. The task of R & D section starts from fabrication and ends at the final inspection of the finished fabric. That is they used to follow up all the sections like fabric planning, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, lab, quality control and assurance etc. till the final finished fabric comes out. Flow Chart of R&D Section in the Textile Industry is as follows:

R&D Section in Textile Industry

Work Flow Chart of R&D Section in Textile Industry

Sampling Order Receive from Merchandiser

Analysis of Sample

Selection of Yarn

Knitting Parameters Setting

Finishing Parameters (Samples + Production)

Check and Testing of the Sample

Approved the Sample

R&D model for Garments industry

1. Idea generation: Idea could be generated from vacuum or complications, disputes, and difficulties. It can be intellectual, a combination of modules, theory of something that exists or conceptual.

2. Designing: It is a process of constructing ideas and information into the model and bringing it to reality with upgrading and development.

3. Selection: It is an integration of all the elements including color, feels, touch, shape, pattern, ratio, balance, measure, and comfortability.

4. Product development: It is a process of intangible ideas and designs into a tangible product. It covers planning, sourcing materials, costing, and production.

5. SWOT analysis: We all may know SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is quietly used to understand and analyze the position of a company.

6. Production: It is a dependable of a serial and progressive process of converting and assembling ram materials like yarn, fabric, and accessories into final and finished garments.

7. Sales and marketing: Sales lead to the selling of garments and marketing is the process of getting customers and wearers interested in our garments, which are getting sold.

8. Feedback: Based on feedback from customers, suppliers, we are able to update and upgrade the product with better quality.

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