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Flow Chart of Textile Quality Control

Flow Chart of Textile Quality Control
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monnu Fabrics Ltd. Manikgonj

Textile Quality Control:
Quality means customer needs is to be satisfied. And quality control is the synthetic and regular control of the variable which affect the quality of a product. It consists of quality planning, data collection, data analysis and implementation and is applicable to all phases of product life cycle ; design, manufacturing, delivery and installation, operation and maintenance. In the textile and apparel industry product quality is calculated in terms of quality and standard of fibres, yarns, fabric construction, colour fastness, surface designs and the final finished garment products.
Quality check of fabric
Quality check of fabric
Flow Chart of Textile Quality Control:

Yarn receiving

Sample knitting


Dyeing (check shade & faults of dyeing)

Dewatering & untwisting

Dyeing(check diameter, pretreatment, shrinkage & GSM)


Final inspection

If sample ok go for bulk production