Flow Chart of Quality Control System in Garments Industry

Garments Quality Control: 

Quality is a relative term. It means customer needs are to be satisfied. Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of the business. In the competitive world no alternative to quality. Worlds trend is now quality, not quantity. The apparel business severely maintains the quality of products. In this case, buyer satisfaction is the primary and basic goal. For maintaining quality of garments, quality strictly controls in the garments industry. In this article, I will give a flowchart of quality control system in garments industry.

Flow Chart of Quality Control System in Garments Industry
Garments Quality Control

Flow Chart of Quality Control System in Garments Industry:

Check the batch information compare with the fabrics information.

Match the shade with the bulk production fabrics.

Check the running shade among the roll or roll to roll. ( as per guideline).

Check the GSM, DIA, and hand feel. (as a guideline).

Check the shrinkage (as a guideline).

Check any marks like a sinker, needle, DIA, crease mark, etc.

Check other faults.

Make a report, Discussed with the respective persons to take actions.

Make grading as a guideline.

Delivery the okay goods to the Stores.

Reject goods send to MIS store.

Follow up.

Quality control in terms of garment manufacturing, pre-sales, and post-sales service, delivery, pricing, etc is essential for any garment manufacturer, trader, or exporter. Certain quality-related problems should never be overlooked. Consumers want to get high-quality products at low prices. The products should reach consumers with the right quality depends on the cost. Quality management is the aspect of the overall management function that determines and implements the quality policy. Quality assurance covers all the process within a company that contributes to the production of quality products. The inspection is carried out by representatives of the current production and the result record on a control chart. The aim of garment inspection is to visually inspect articles at random from a delivery in order to verify their general conformity and appearance with instruction/description and/or sample received.

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