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Flow Chart of Turquoise Dyeing Process

Flow Chart of Turquoise Dyeing Process
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Turquoise Dyestuff:
Turquoise is the name of a greenish blue color. It is one of the most popular color. Dyeing of turquoise color is very critical. Because of poor washing fastness properties of turquoise dyestuff. Dyeing procedure of turquoise dyestuff is slightly different from other dyeing. Flowchart of turquoise dyeing process are given below.
Turquoise Dyeing

Flow Chart of Turquoise Dyestuff Dyeing Process
Turquoise Dyestuff Dyeing Process is given below::

Lab dip receive

Input id number entry

Recipe making→ from data color

Recipe calculation


Fabric weighting & fabric input

Fabric input into dye bath for dyeing

600 C * 15 min

900 C * 15 min

Cooling to 600 C * 15 min (Alkali Dosing)

800 C * 60 min

Cooling to 400 C * 10 min


Cold wash

Acid wash




Shade matching

Shade ok
Lab dip cutting

Submit to buyer

Buyer approval

If Ok then send to production floor / If not Ok then again recipe making with the help of data color