Organogram of Sewing Section in Apparel Industry

Organogram of Sewing Section: 

Organogram is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships between the different people, departments, and jobs at different levels within that organization. The sewing section of the apparel industry has an organogram. Organogram of Sewing Section in Apparel Industry is given below:

Sewing Section in Apparel Industry

Organogram of Sewing Section in Apparel Industry

Production Manager
(Sewing floor & all Dept.)

Asst. production Manager

Quality controller Manager
(Byer Deal, knitting & dyeing)

Quality Asst Manager
(All quality, Production, Knitting)

Quality Incharge
(Total quality control)

Quality Inspector
( Line wise quality control)

Floor In-charge
( Floor production Control)

( Line Production Control )

Sewing operator


In the apparel industry, sewing is known as the heart of garments. After receiving all the components of garments parts from the cutting section, then those parts are linked by a sewing machine. In this section manufacturer finally, get a complete appearance of garments. Thus, the sewing Section is a very important department in the garments industry.

Sewing Section Inspection

For smooth and perfect sewing operation, we need to identify a few factors which are important in the garment sewing section. Generally, there are three steps for inspection of garments sewing section. They are as following-

  1. Sewing Inspection
  2. Seaming Inspection
  3. Assembling Inspection

After receiving the components of the garment from the cutting section, all the garments parts are joined and sewn sequentially. Obviously, all the components are sewn with respect to buyer requirements. Sewing machines of different types are arranged as a vertical line to assemble the garments. The sequence of types of sewing machine arrangement depends on the sequence of assembling operations. All the parts of a garment are joined here by making stitches with the help of a needle and thread. Where the sewing process flow chart helps to make a complete garment easily. By maintaining the sewing process flow chart, an order can be completed in a timely.

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