Flow Chart of Flax Fiber Manufacturing Process

Flax Fiber:

Flax is classified, as a natural, cellulose, bast, multi-cellular fiber. It is also known as linen. Flax fiber is obtained from the stalk of the flax plant. It is the first natural fiber that was produced industrially from the flax plant. Flax fibers are naturally smooth and straight. Flax fibers are used to make linen. It is used for fashionable apparel, fine household textiles, technical textile. Flow chart of flax fiber manufacturing process is as follows:

Flax Fiber Manufacturing Process
Flax Fiber Production
Flow Chart of Flax Fiber Manufacturing Process:

Land preparation

Seed Sown

Plant grow

Thinning and weeding




Dam or water Retting

Chemical Retting

Washing and Drying





For centuries, natural fibers from a variety of species have been used by humans in a wide range of applications. One of these plants was flax, generally regarded as a dual-purpose plant because of its products, the fiber, and seed. Woven and spun, fiber gave yarn which served as a major source to manufacture textiles for tablecloths, bed coverings, and clothing, whereas seeds were pressed to extract edible oil. Marginally, shives and straw mainly from linseed flax were also used to seal and thermally insulate homes. However, hardships associated with flax cultivation and processing, as well as some weaknesses of flax fiber, such as poor elasticity, and unpredictable quality, together with the appearance of cheaper and more resilient cotton on the market, caused the devaluation of flax fiber in the world.

Nowadays, due to the great demand for natural fibers, it is a challenge for growers to overcome certain flaws in flax that undermined its commercial viability. With their help, there is a strong chance of a successful comeback of flax fibers. At the moment, many research programs have been launched, which allow a fresh perspective, from which flax will be seen as a multi-purpose plant or even a no-waste product.

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