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Flow Chart of Polyester Fiber Production

Flow Chart of Polyester Fiber Production
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalilullah
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

Polyester Fiber:
Polyester fibres are formed from synthetic polymers, manufactured by the action of polyfunctional acids with polyfunctional alcohols. The fibre forming polymer substance is a long linear polymer with repeating ester groups in its structure. Polyester fiber is also known as Terylene, Terene, Dacron etc. It is a manmade fiber of high polymers which are obtained by esterification of dicarboxylic acids, with glycols or by ester exchange reactions between dicarboxylic acid esters and glycols.
Polyester staple fiber production
Polyester staple fiber production
Flow Chart of Polyester Production

Preparation of raw material
(Terephthalic acid, DMT, ethylene glycol preparation)

Mixing tank

Polymerization in reactor
(Ester interchange and poly condensation, Temperature: 260-2800C, Time: 3-6 hours)

Polymer chips

Melt spinning

Polyester filament produced from spinneret holes
(Monofilament, multifilament)


Reeling onto a package or Texturization