Process Flow Chart in Apparel Industries

A complete garment has to face several processes from its buyer sourcing to shipment. I think this process flow chart will help the beginners to know the process to make a garment from raw material to the desired product and then shipment. Process flow chart in apparel industries will discuss below:

Flow Chart in Apparel Industries

Process Flow Chart in Textile & Apparel Industries

Buyer sourcing

Buyer communication

Enquiry & sampling

Pre-costing and reply

Order confirmation

Order review

Planning and programming

Yarn purchase

Knitting or weaving

Wet processing

Fabric in house, Inspection, and Testing






Final inspection


Each process of garments manufacturing flow chart is discussed in below with the details:
Order received from the Buyer with detailsThe very first work of a merchandiser is to collect orders from the buyer with detailed information
Sample DevelopmentThe sample should be developed by following buyers instruction
Price negotiation with the BuyerPrice should be negotiated with the Buyer.
Confirmation of order and receive the order sheetHere, the price has to fix and collect the order sheet from the Buyer
Make Buyer requirement sample (Fit, Proto, etc) for approvalShould be a prepared fit sample for Buyer’s approval.
Make requisition for bulk fabricMake-fabric requisition for bulk production.
Make requisition for accessoriesMake a requisition for the required accessories of that order.
Swatch board making and approvalShould prepare swatch board of required accessories for the Buyer’s approval.
Raw material collection and also receive it in factoryAll the requisite raw materials have to collect and receive in a factory at right time.
Check and also listingCheck all the in-hosed material with a requisite sheet.
Make P.P (pre-production Sample) with all actualBy following the Buyers instruction make a P.P sample with all actual.
Pre-production meetingBefore going into the production, have to arrange a pre-production meeting for smooth production.
Start bulk productionFinally, you have to go into bulk production.
Collect daily production and quality reportRegular production and quality reports should be collected here on regular basis.
Make online inspection by strong quality teamDuring bulk production, have to make online inspection by a strong quality team.
Sample sent to third party testing centerFor making a strong approval about the quality of the product, have to send a sample to the third-party testing center.
Make final inspection for bulk productionAfter completing bulk production, make a final inspection for the order.
ShipmentAfter making a final inspection of the product, all the clothing should send to the Buyer.
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