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Flow Chart of Cotton Whitening Process

Flow Chart of Cotton Whitening Process
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Whitening Process:
Whitening is a chemical treatment, which is applied on fabric to make the fabric white at a desired level by bleaching and OBA treatment. Flowchart of cotton whitening process is given below.
Cotton Whitening Process
Cotton Whitening Process
Flow Chart of Cotton Whitening Process:

The fabric is loaded in machine & fills with required water.

Now auxiliary chemicals & acid are added.

Check the pH (3.4-4.8) of liquor.

Enzyme is added & run for 30 minutes.

Check the fabric if enzyme action is proper.

If not then increase time.

Otherwise aquachron for 10 minutes & drain the bath liquor.

Fill the bath with water.

Add auxiliary chemicals & raise the temperature of the dye bath.

Add H2O2 at 65oC.

Then add caustic soda at 70oC.

At more temperature add OBA in the bath.

Raise the temperature to 110oC.& run for 40 minutes.

Then lower the temperature to 80oC. & check shade.

By aquachron lower the temperature to 60oC..

Add acid to neutralize & run for 10 minutes.

At last aquachron& drain the bath liquor