Flow Chart of Bio-Scouring Dyeing

Bio-Scouring Dyeing Process:

Bio-Scouring can simply be defined as the application of living organisms and their components to remove the natural and added impurities. With the increasingly important requirement for textile industries to reduce pollution in textile production scouring is used. For the same purpose, bio-scouring dyeing is used. A flowchart of the Bio-scouring Dyeing is given below.

Bio-Scouring Dyeing

Flow Chart of Bio-scouring Dyeing

Prebleaching CEL 110 &95:

Machine filling with water at normal Temperature

Fabric loaded at normal temperature (36-400C)

Chemicals (ContiponS(10% Soln)Jinsofter BSK, Ablutex-AP-750 (42% Soln, Reduzin AC-BL-100 ) Dozing at 50 0C& then Run for 4 min

H2O2 (50% Sol n) is added at 600C within 3-4 minute

NaOH is added for 7 min at 700C

Run time 1100C×20 min.

Cooling at 95-80-95 0C & then aquachron is done

Water is leveled

Per oxide Killer (Raduzin-THN (50%Soln)) is added at 800C & run for 10 min,

Per oxide is checked (if H2O2= O)

Aquachron is done at 550C

Water is leveled

Acetic Acid is added at 550C for 5 min

PH is Checked (PH=4.8)

Bio-scouring dyeing : (Medium Shade)
MA Scour AIN (Prep-IN) is added at 500C and run for 3-5 min

Temp is raised to 600C & run for 5 min

Salt is added at 600C for 10 min

PH + SG is Checked (PH= 6.6 & SG = 1.008 )

If ok, Dyes(Remazol Red-3BS-A-150G, Remazol Yellow- 3RS,Remazol B Blue ) is mixed up by 20 min added at 600C & then run for 10 min.

Soda is added at 600C & run for 45 min

After that Sample is checked

If shade is not “OK” then it’s checked after every 15 min until matching

If shade is “OK”


Water filling & Wash is done at 600C

Soaping Bio-scouring:

Green Acid is added at 600C & run for 43 min

MA Disp-ARE (Soap – Rea) is added at 900C & run for 7 min

Aquachron is done

Hot wash at 900C & run for 9 min

Aquachron is done

Drain out


Acidic acid + Bevsoft-CF is added for 10 min at 400C & run for 20 min


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