Flow Chart of Trutzschler Blowroom Line

 Trützschler blow room line:

Trützschler blow room lines are always made-to-measure. Whether processing man-made fibers, a few hundred or several thousand kilos per hour, Trützschler offers an efficient solution for every application. The main principle of Trutzschler blow room machines is to open the material and reduce it to the smallest possible tuft size and cleaning the raw materials. A flowchart of trutzschler blowroom line is as follows;

Trutzschler blowroom line
Trützschler blow room line

Flow Chart of Trutzschler Blowroom Line:

Blendomat BO

Precleaner CLP

Multimixer MPM

Fine Cleaner CLC

FFD (SP EP, Securo, Prop, Securomat)


Basic Operations Involved in Blowroom

The basic operations can be categorized into 4 sections. Take a look at them –

  1. Fiber Opening: Opening the compacted bales into small flocks. Then converting the cotton flocks into as tiny as possible. Flocks or the tufts weight is condensed to roughly 0.1 mg.
  1. Fiber Cleaning: Elimination of dust, fragmented seeds, dry leaves, stems, and other external ingredients from the fibers.
  1. Fiber Mixing or Blending: Same or different grades of fibers get mixed and blended all together to manufacture quality yarn and lessen the raw material cost.
  2. Lap: Transferring the opened up and cleaned flocks into a thin sheet form called a lap. It has a fixed width and constant length. Blow room needs to make sure that raw materials fed to the card are even. This is implemented through the precise wt. of laps collected from the scratcher.

Operating Zones in the Blowroom

Operating ZonesFunctions
01. Gradual OpeningGradually opening the fibers out of the bales into small tufts.
02. Extensive CleaningCleaning the trash particles (unit size beyond 500 µm)
03. Blending or MixingMixing homogeneously or blending the fiber evenly.
04. Fine CleaningEliminating macro-dust (unit size 50- 500 µm)
05. Intensive CleaningEliminating micro dust (unit size 15- 50 µm)
06. Lap or Chute feeding to the cardEven lap or chute feed to the card
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