Organogram of Dyeing Mill

In every organization, there has a managerial system that controls the whole process. The Organogram of Dyeing Mill will express this managerial system step by step. So we can explain, organogram means a drawing or plan that gives the names and job titles of all the staff in an organization or department, showing how they are connected to each other. It describes the hierarchy of the organization from top to bottom. In this article, I will give an organogram of dyeing factory.

Organogram of Dyeing Mill
Dyeing mill

Organogram of Dyeing Mill


Managing Director (MD)

Executive Director (ED)

Director (Production/ Finance)

General Manager (GM)

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

Assistant General Manager (AGM)


Assistant Manager

Senior Production Officer (SPO)

Production Officer (PO)

Assistant Production Officer (APO)

Dyeing Master

Shift In -Charge

Floor In -Charge




Sustainable Dyeing:

Our textile industry has faced many challenges in the textile dyeing sector. The textile dyeing sector has environmentally harmful processes like coloration, processing, and functionalization. Sustainability is a keyword that remains as a prescription for these various challenges. The textile dyeing industry could be achieved by using chemical-free natural dyes in a sustainable method.

Dyeing methods used in our textile industry have a serious effect on our environment. Consequently, the importance of sustainable approaches is increasing. Some of the sustainable approaches viz plasma technology, nanotechnology, UV technology, and so on, are implemented in the textile industry. That’s why, sustainable dyeing processes in the textile industry have earned a lot of attention, for the emerging concept of sustainability. The word ‘Sustainability’ in the textile dyeing industry processes aids in the productive consumption of natural resources. Mainly, sustainable dyeing development focuses on the environmental, and technological aspects of the textile dyeing process.

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