Process Flow Chart of Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting:

Sand blasting is a mechanical process of creating fading affect/ old-looking effect on heavy garments such as denim, canvas, twill, sometimes corduroy by the action of aluminum oxide which looks like sand. It is popular nowadays. Sandblasting technique is based on blasting an abrasive material in granular, powdered, or another form through a nozzle at very high speed and pressure onto specific areas of the garment surface to be treated to give the desired distressed/ abraded /used look. Sandblasting is generally doing which area that long time used /wear the garment fading effect occurs. Here, A Process Flow Chart of Sand Blasting.

Chart of Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting Jeans

We can express sandblasting as:

  1. It is a purely mechanical process, not using any chemicals.
  2. It is a water-free process therefore no drying required.
  3. Variety of distressed or abraded looks possible.
  4. Any number of designs could be created by special techniques.

Process Flow Chart of Sand Blasting

Garment collect

Select pressure and angle

Rubber board placed inside the garment


Garments are taken to the chamber

Sand blowing from the gun on garments



Wet wash 

Sandblasting is one of the parts of the dry process used in garments washing. The sandblasting process is used only in denim garments washing. This process refers to a physical process that creates localize abrasion or color change on the denim similar to the effect seen on roughly used jeans. Sandblasting is a mechanical process, where no need to use any chemical. Also, it is a water-free process. As a result, no dying is required for the garments. Any number of designs can be produced in the garments by using different techniques of sandblasting."<yoastmark

Method of Sand Blasting: 

At present, the sandblasting process is now isolated due to creating health hazards. Another important cause is- buyers do not like the sandblasting effect due to covers the characteristics of the fabric. The sandblasting process is done by using different kinds of sand blown to garments with air pressure to rub out the color.

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