Blow Room Line for High Grade and Coarse Grade Cotton

Blow room is the first step of spinning. There are a few numbers of blowroom line. In this blog we have discussed blow room line for medium grade cotton, blow room line for lower grade cotton. In this article, I will discuss on blow room line for high grade and coarse grade cotton.

blow room line for

Flow Chart of Blow Room Line for High-Grade Cotton

Bale breaker

Hopper feeder

Porcupine opener

Two-way distributor

Hopper feeder with reserve box


Flow Chart of Blow Room Line for Heavy /coarse Grade Cotton

GBR (Bale opener)

Axi-flow cleaner (AFC)

RN beater

RSK beater


Objects of Blow Room:

The blow room consists of a number of machines used in succession to open and clean the cotton fiber about 40 % to 70 % of trash is removed in the blow-room section.

1. Opening: 
a) To open the compressed bales of fibers.
b) To make the cotton tuft as small as far as possible.
2. Cleaning:
To remove dirt, dust, broken seeds, broken leaves, and other foreign materials from the fiber.
3. Mixing & Blending:
To make good value of yarn and to decrease production cost mixing and blending is done.
4. Lap or flocks formation:
To transfer opened and cleaned fiber into sheet form of definite width and length which is called lap or in the modern system directly feed to the carding machine into flocks form.

Importance of Blow room in Yarn Spinning:

  1. Blow room is installed to achieve uniform quality.
  2. to improve processing performance.
  3. to reduce and control production costs.
  4. To-meet the end-use requirement
  5. To facilitate the cotton for regaining its moisture content lost during boiling.

Besides the factors mentioned above, you may have found more features of textile spinning’s blow room. Wish you a good textile spinning journey.

Author of this Article:
Mustaque Ahammed Mamun
 Quality Assurance Officer,
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