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Production Flow Chart for Composite Knitting Industry

Production Flow Chart of Composite Knitting Industry
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Composite knitting industry has great contribution to earn foreign currency in Bangladesh. It contains dyeing, knitting, finishing, garment manufacturing, garment washing unit. Its production sequence is huge and complex. For helping purpose of students and beginners I’m giving manufacturing flow chart of composite knitting factory at a glance.

Production Flow Chart for Composite Knitting Industry

Yarn dyeing (If any) →QA Inspection

Knitting →QA Inspection

Knit dyeing

Fabric finishing → QA Inspection

Cutting →QA Inspection

Printing (If any) →QA Inspection

Sewing →QA Inspection

Garments wash (If any)

Garments finishing (ironing, folding, poly etc) →QA Inspection

Packing →Final Inspection