Flow Chart of Shade Checking During Dyeing

The shade is a common word in the Dyeing, Printing & Finishing units of a Textile Mill. It is the physical testing methods of the Off-Line Quality Control Assurance System. Here we have written about a flow chart of shade checking during dyeing will be discussed below.

Shade Matching mainly depends on the accuracy of the man’s eye. It is a visual process for the reason same shade may have different comments from different people. So, dyeing expert or color experts are needed for this purpose. Besides the manual shade matching system computer color matching system could help man to make the right decision about the shade of a specific sample.

Shade check: 

The shade achieved is to be checked several times while in process & at finished state to ensure the customers demand under a recommended light source. Generally, the shade is checked at the following stage:

  • After dyeing
  • After-drying
  • After a trial for finishing
  • After-finishing

For this the following types of equipment are used :

1. Verivide lightbox
Manufacturer: Cundy building, frog island Origin: England

2. Light Source :

  • D-65 ( artificial day light )
  • TL-84 ( Shop light )
  • F ( fluorescent light )
  • UV ( Ultraviolet Blue light )
Light box for shade checking
Lightbox for shade checking

Flow Chart of Shade Checking During Dyeing

During the dyeing period in QC there is a shade matching sequence:

Scoured sample

Enzyme sample

Salt Sample

Soda sample (after 10 min)

BD sample ( 60▫C × 20 min)

Normal hot sample

Acetic acid sample

Chemical hot sample

ECO sample

Softener sample

Understanding the color tone of the dyeing fabric is very important in the textile industry. Further, it is also necessary to know about the color combination by which color will be produced. It might take in mind that, the combination that is used to match the buyer sample color that combination would be used in bulk production. Otherwise, the tone of the color could be varying. Thus, textile engineers have to care about the shade matching of textile products.

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