Flow Chart of Quality Control in Marker Making

Marker Making: 

Marker is a thin paper. It is the process of determining the most efficient layout of pattern pieces for a style, fabric, and distribution of sizes. Marker making is a critical step in the garment manufacturing process. Maintaining quality in this stage is a crucial task for the textile engineer. A flowchart of quality control in marker making is as follow:

Quality Control in Marker Making
Marker making

Flow Chart of Quality Control in Marker Making:

To check notch or drill mark

Fabric width must be higher than marker width

Fabric length must be higher than marker length

Matching of the green line

Check pattern size and dimension

Matching of check and stripe taking into consideration

Considering the garments production plan

Cutting table length consideration

Pattern direction consideration

Methods of Marker Making:

After making patterns of any garments markers are made. At the very beginning of marker making, the marker width is determined. The minimum width of the fabric with which garments will be made is taken as the width of the marker. Basically, the marker makes on the white paper or newsprint paper.

Firstly, big patterns are placed. Then the small patterns are placed in the gaps of the big patterns. Mainly Marker making makes it in two ways:

  1. Manual marker making
  2. Computer-aided marker making

a. Manual marker making:

In this method, markers make via physical and mental labor. Manual marker can complete with full-size patterns as well as with small size patterns.

b. Computer-aided marker making:

Firstly, the production patterns have to store in the computer memory. For inputting the production pattern into the computer, basically digitizing or scanning methods are used. For digitizing or scanning, full-size production patterns use in computer memory. After entering all the production patterns, using the grade rule previously stored in the computer, the required patterns for all sizes are obtained.

Computer-aided marker man usually uses a computer screen, keyboard, and light pencil. Then the marker man provides some instructions to the computer, viz the marker width, pattern sizes to be used, check to match, and all the obstacles to marker making. In this process, the computer itself can make the marker, as well as the marker man, can make the marker with the help of the computer.

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