Production Flow Chart for White Color on Fabric

For giving the white color on fabric normally we bleach the fabric. If we want to get more white then we add OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) on fabric. But in this article, I will give a flowchart of dyeing the white color of the fabric.

Whitening color on fabric
Whitening color on fabric

Flow Chart of White Coloring on Fabric

Fabric Load

Water Level – As Required

Raise temp to 600C

Add Feloson NOF & Tinoclarite CBB at 600C

Add Caustic at 700 °C – Dosing time 10 min

Add H2O2 – Temp. ≤ 800C

Add Uvitex BAM (OBA)

Raise temp. To 1050C and run 30 min (PH – 10.5-11)


Water Level – As required

Hot Wash

Add Acetic Acid at 550C

Add Bioace at 550C and run 30 min (PH – 4-5)


Add Invatex CS at 900C and run 10 min

Cold Wash for 10 min

Add Acetic Acid

Add Megasoft FMG (Softner)


Cold Wash

Fabric Unload

Textile Dyeing Industries in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh due to textile dyeing industries, the main negative impact afflicting the local environment severely is the hazards caused by dye effluents. That contain both chemical and organic pollutants. Though the volume of effluents from individual small-scale dyers would be small, the concentration of pollutants is generally high. The impact is significant where several producers are located at one place and discharge effluents into the same body of water. Large-scale dyers on the other hand generate greater volumes of effluent but show lower pollutant content per cubic meter of water.

It can be easily said that the water of the Turag & Shitalakkhya River is getting highly polluted by the effluent discharged by the dyeing industries. The concentration of these pollutants is increasing at an alarming rate with the increasing number of textile dyeing industries. So the above mitigation measures can be effective to minimize the pollution to a significant extent. For the greater benefits of our country, all people involved in textile dyeing should be environmentally conscious to preserve our environment as well as to carry the reputation of our RMG garments in developed countries.

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