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Process Flow Chart of Knit Dyeing

Process Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Dyeing
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Knit dyeing:
Knit dyeing is a technique of dyeing the knitted fabrics. The dyeing of knitted fabrics occurs in the exhaust method or in batch-wise process. Knit dyeing process is near similar to yarn dyeing process but there is some difference in quality measurement. Generally all types of single jersey, double jersey and their derivatives are dyed by different way. Flowchart of knit fabric dyeing describe shortly.
Knit dyeing by jet dyeing machine
Knit dyeing by jet dyeing machine
Sequence of Operation for Knit Fabric Dyeing:

Grey fabric inspection


Fabric turning

Loading to the m/c

Pre-treatment (Scouring & Bleaching)




Compacting & Calendaring

Final inspection & packing