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Flow Chart of Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process

Process Flow Chart of Polo Shirt Manufacturing
Rahat Khan
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A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. It is the most stylist and popular dress in apparel world. Polo shirt is mainly dress for men but women also wear. Collar is the basic different between t-shirt and polo shirt. Polo shirt has collar and t-shirt has not it. Polo shirt is produced abundantly in Bangladeshi apparel industry. Manufacturing process of polo shirt is divided by some steps. Step wise flow chart of polo shirt is given below.
polo shirt making
Polo shirt
Process Sequence of Polo-shirt Manufacturing

A.Collar making:  
Collar making by flat knitting m/c or collar making by fabric. If collar is made by fabric then we have to follow the following process-

Interlining attached on the front part of collar

Sewing mark around the collar

Sewing the two part of collar

Collar edge cutting

Collar turning  

Top stitch around the collar

Collar bottom cutting

Mark the mid point of collar

B. Placket making:

Interlining attach on packet with iron

Top stitch on packet in length direction

Bottom sewing mark

C. Sleeve making

Sleeve hemming

Side seam of sleeve

Turning of sleeve

D. Body making and assembling

Shoulder join with tape

Placket attach with body

Button hole on upper placket

Button attach on lower placket

Right side seam

Bottom hemming

Left side seam with care label

Both sleeve attach

Collar join

Back taping

Bottom tuck