Process Flow Chart of Pigment Washing

Pigment Washing:

The technology which is used to modify the appearance, outlook comfortable, and fashion of the garments is called garment washing. Which wash is done by pigment is called pigment washing. Pigment wash generally doing on pigment-dyed or printed Garments by pigment washing technique. It is done to bring a fading effect/old-looking effect on the garment and also the seam area. The flow chart of pigment washing is given below.

Process Flow Chart of Pigment Washing
Pigment washed T-shirt

Flow Chart of Pigment Washing

Water is added
Garments are added
Machine started running
Detergent added
Caustic soda added
Soda ash added
Temperature raise to 60°C
Time 20-60 minutes
Drop the liquor
Add water and cold wash
Water is added
Garments are added
Machine started running
Softener added
Acetic acid added
Silicon softener added
Temperature Cold
Time 15 minutes
Drop the liquor
Unlaod garments on trolley
Hydro Extracting
Load the garments on m/c
R.P.M 700-900
Time 3-5 minutes
Unload the garments on trolley
Load the garments on dryer m/c
Temp 60- 70°C
Time 40-50 minutes
Time 10-15 minutes for cold dry
Unload the garments
Quality checking

The garment dye process is done all time after making the garments. Traditional garments are made from pre-dyed fabric. Garment dye could be pigment dye or cold dye which totally depends on the buyer’s instruction. The main advantage of this process is the cost-effectiveness of producing identical garments of particular colors. Also, it has another advantage, due to garments dyeing; it becomes softer and feels more vintage which is one of the important factors to satisfy the buyer. Pigment dye is also one kind of garment dye. After completing this process, knit garments will achieve an even shade. The main difference between cold dye and pigment dye is, in the cold dye, knit garments will achieve uneven shade and in pigment dye, will achieve an even shade.

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