Process Flow Chart For 100% Polyester Dyeing

Polyester Dyeing: 

Polyester can be very difficult to dye properly. The dyeing of hydrophobic fibers like polyester fibers with disperse dyes may be considered as a process of dye transfer from a liquid solvent (water) to a solid organic solvent (fiber). Process Flow Chart For 100% Polyester Dyeing is given below.

Process Flow Chart For 100% Polyester Dyeing

Production Flow Chart For 100% Polyester Dyeing

Fabric Load

Water Level – As Required

Raise temp to 60 oC

Add Feloson NOF

Raise 90 oC & run time 10 min


Water Level – As Required

Raise temp. to 45 oC

Add Neutracid RBT (Non volatile Acid) & run time 10 min


Water Level – As Required

Raise temp. to 450C

Dye dosing for 10 min

Raise temp. to 130 oC & run for 45 min



Cooling at 700C & sample cheek if shade ok then bath drop

Hydrose+ Caustic at 800C for 20 min

Hot wash

Acetic wash at cold temp. for 10 min

Acetic Acid + Softener is added at 450C & run for 10 min

Cold Wash

Fabric Unload

Garments dyeing:

The garments dyeing process is a new technology for us but it is actually using in the European countries for the last 70 years. It is the process of dyeing fully fashioned garments subsequent to manufacturing, as opposed to the conventional method of manufacturing garments from pre-dyed fabrics. At first, this technology applied on woolen and silk garments but now it is applied on polyester, nylon, acrylic and also extensively on cotton garments. The popularity of garment dyeing is increasing in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Japan, USA and UK, etc. counties.

In garment dyeing, fully fashioned garments such as pants, sweaters, shirts, and skirts are dyed after manufacturing is completed. Most garments are made of cotton or cotton-rich blends which may contain other fibers such as wool, nylon, silk, acrylic, or polyester as a minor component in the blend. Traditionally, garments are manufactured from pre-dyed fabrics before cutting and sewing. Garment dyeing has been gaining importance and popularity due to cost savings and fashion trends in recent years and will continue to grow in the future.

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