Process Flow Chart of Sizing for Warp Yarn Preparation


Sizing is the most important segment of the weaving preparatory process. It is the process of applying a protective adhesive coating on the yarn surface. After winding and warping, sizing of yarn is done during beam preparation. Sizing is done by applying various types of size materials to the yarn. Better the quality of sizing higher the weaving efficiency & vice versa. In fact without sizing, in most cases, it is almost impossible to run the weaving process. During application of size materials steam is needed. A flowchart of sizing for warp yarn preparation is given below.

Process Flow Chart of Sizing for Warp Yarn Preparation
Sizing for Warp Yarn

Process Flow Chart of Sizing for Warp Yarn Preparation in Weaving

Size Cooking


Yarn Feeding





Empty Beam Feeding & M/C Running

Ends Cutting


Objectives of sizing

Interlacement of warp and weft is carried out by means of a machine called as the loom. Various motions are provided on the loom to carry out the interlacement since the motions used on the loom are numerous they are divided into three groups that are primary, secondary, and auxiliary motions these motions impose various stresses and strains on the warp yarn and tends to the break the yarn.

Whenever an end broken loom is to be stopped. This reduces the efficiency and production of the machines, increases the workload on the weavers, and produces the cloth of sab standard qualities. Hence in order to judge the wearability of warp, commonly accepted criteria are the warp breakage rate, such types of breaks are generally due to the various stresses that are imposed on warp during the process of weaving the primary objects of all the process is to reduce the warp end break that will weave a quality fabric with maximum loom efficiency.

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