Organogram of Finishing Section in Garments Industry

Finishing Section : 

It is the last step of garment making. All of the finishing processes are done here. Let yourself know what kinds of work are to be carried out in this segment-a) Pressing/ Ironing, b) Packing, c) Cartooning & d) Arranging final inspection and shipment. Organogram of finishing section in garments industry is given below.

Organogram of Finishing Section in Garments Industry
Garments Finishing Section

Organogram of Garments Finishing Section:

General Manager(Dyeing & Finishing)

Sr. Executive

Production officer

Shift in charge

Floor in charge




Function of Garment Finishing:

1. Garments Washing:

Let me elaborate the same, once garments out from the sewing machine first step we take generally is washing. To wash bulk garments we follow the Buyer’s comments, we wash the garments as per Buyer’s requirements like if they want Normal wash then we do the same using only water. If the Buyer needs a soft hand feels or chemical wash on a garment then we use chemicals during washing.

2. Garments Checking:

After washing 2nd function is checking, once garments come from the washing department for the checking department, then a team starts to check garments, whether the stitching is properly done, or is there any spots on the garment. If they find any spot they remove it using chemicals and if there is a major stitching problem they return back it to the sewing department to rectify the same.

3. Garments Pressing:

Now the 3rd function is pressing (Ironing) once the garment comes to pressing the department pressmen start pressing the following required measurements and Buyer comments. If Buyer needs hard press, flat or light steam press accordingly pressing done by pressmen.

4. Garments Packing:

The last function is packing buy before start packing QA team checks the measurements of the garment, whether it’s OK or not so that they can be sure garments will pass during the final inspection. After measurements required accessories like tag, alarm or sticker to be used during individual packing. When packing done those packed garments to be packaged in a carton as per Buyer instructions and its ready for a final inspection to dispatch

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