Process Flow Chart / Sequence of Combing Cycle


Normally combing processes is done for producing smoother, finer, stronger, and more uniform yarns. The carded materials (sliver) contain a certain amount of short fibers, neps, fine kitty, and leaf particles. At present, it is an important process of spinning. Besides, in combers, the important aspects to be controlled are waste level, combing efficiency, and sliver irregularity. Combing is commonly confined to high grade, long-staple natural fibers. The combing process maintains a continuous cycle. In this article, the sequence of the combing cycle is discussed.

Sequence of Combing Cycle
Combing cycle

Process Flow Chart/ Sequence of Combing Cycle

Lap feeding by feed roller

Lap nipping by the nipper

Combing by the cylinder

Nipper opening and forwarding

Detaching roller backward movement


Combing by the top comb

Detaching roller forward movement

Starting a new cycle

Cleaning of cylinder comb

The combing process is carried out inwards guild to improve the character of the silver coming out of the card. The procedure eliminates brusk fibers, achieves amend parallelization of fibers. It straightens curls, as well as it removes neps as well as residuum impurities. It is clear from these functions that the combing procedure is essentially aimed at obtaining splendid character yarns as well as to fulfill this objective raw material amongst higher upwardly average physical as well as mechanical features must move used from the real commencement of the spinning process.

Objective of Combing:

To take fibers shorter than a predetermined length. So every bit to enable spinner to arrive at finer yarn than that tin shipping away move spun from the same carded sliver. To take neps as well as impurities. To arrive at the uniform sliver of required wt/unit length. To brand the fiber instantly as well as parallel as well as so that yarn buys the farm fifty-fifty as well as lustrous.

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