Process Flow Chart of Bale Management

Bale Management: 

Bale management is the judicious selection of cotton bales in the laydown in order to obtain consistent quality as well as economic spinning performance. Process flow chart of bale management is as follows:

For this at first, samples are collected from 100% bales. The samples are tested in HVI and from there, the bales are categorized. The categorization is done on the basis of different fiber properties. Here it is done on the basis of Mic and chrome (+b) value.

At first, all the bales are categorized. Then from there, they give the list of bales for each lay-down of the required number of bales. The average fiber properties from lay down to lay-down is kept constant. The list is sent to the warehouse. From there the store personnel procures the bales according to the category and send a list of the ID. No. of the bales.

Then the QA personnel again checks whether these bales fulfill the requirements. Then from there the lay-down plan is prepared. During preparing it, one thing should be kept in mind that bales of the same categories should not be placed right next to each other. Then according to the lay-down plan, the bales are arranged under the bale plucker.

Bale management

From the above discussion, we can define bale management in the following way,

Testing, sorting, and mixing bales according to the properties of fiber for producing specific good quality of yarn at minimum cost is called Bale management.

Flow Chart of Bale Management:

Raw cotton

Bale moisture% test

Collecting sample

Sample testing

Classify bale

Bale law down


The essential fiber properties and a well-ordered blend combination ensure the use of an economical raw material that appropriately comprises all the requisition. The choice of correct raw material used together with a good control spinning process results in less processing disturbance such as end breaks. This will allow for higher processing speed and refer to a reduction in manufacturing cost.

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