Flow Chart of Garments Pressing

Garments Pressing: 

Pressing is an essential part of garment finishing process. Pressing is the process of lifting the iron and setting it down again in the proper position. Correct pressing helps to shape the fabric to your figure, flatten seams and edges, and save you time. Good pressing is important to good dressmaking and quilting. A professional finish can be achieved only by constant and correct pressing in the right way. The main purposes of pressing are to remove unwanted creases and wrinkles from the garments. Flow Chart of Garments Pressing

Flow Chart of Pressing Garments

Flow Chart of Pressing Garments:

Steam from the BUCK is applied

The HEAD is locked to press the garment

Further steam may be applied from HEAD or BUCK

Heat is released

The vacuum is applied to cool and dry the garment

The objective of Pressing:

1 . Removal of unwanted creases and wrinkles: During garments manufacturing, creasing occurs in garments due to the operator’s handling and for tying up garments tightly in the boxes. To remove these creases and unwanted wrinkles pressing is to be done.

2 . Hiding imperfections: Pressing can hide a multitude (a huge number) of a garment’s imperfections and faults such as puckered seam and neps.

3 . To apply creases where necessary: Sometimes in the garment, we may need to apply some permanent creases such as pleats in shirts and for that purpose, we have to apply creases or folds by pressing. Sometimes the pressing is done before sewing though after sewing it is also common.

4 . Shaping: Dart and seam are used to make garments properly fit with the shape of the human body. To make these darts more attractive, pressing is applied which is known as The part of the garment may have to be shrunk or stretched for shaping.

5 . Under pressing: For sewing easily and properly pressing is done on some parts of garments before sewing, which is called under pressing. Under pressing is done in manufacturing jackets, trousers, coats, etc.

6 . Final pressing: The pressing which is done before packing the garments is known as final pressing. By final pressing, the garments become glossy.

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