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Flow Chart of Garments Pressing

Flow Chart of Garments Pressing
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Garments Pressing:
Pressing is an essential part of garment finishing process. Pressing is the process of lifting the iron and setting it down again in the proper position. Correct pressing helps to shape the fabric to your figure, flatten seams and edges, and save you time. Good pressing is important to good dressmaking and quilting. A professional finish can be achieved only by constant and correct pressing in the right way. Main purposes of pressing are to remove unwanted creases and wrinkles from the garments.
Garments Pressing
Garments Pressing
Flow Chart of Pressing Garments:

Steam from the BUCK is applied

The HEAD is locked to press the garment

Further steam may be applied from HEAD or BUCK

Heat is released

Vacuum is applied to cool and dry the garment