Flow Chart of Method Study in Garment Industry

Method Study:

Method study is more of a systematic approach to job design than a set of techniques. It is defined as the systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposed methods of doing work. Method study is also known as methods engineering. It is one of the keys to achieving productivity improvement in the garment industry. Method study is essentially used for finding better ways of doing work. It is also a technique for cost reduction in garments manufacturing. Flow chart of method study in garment industry is as follows:

Method Study in Garment Industry

Flow Chart of Method Study in Garment Industry

(Work which can be studied with economic advantage)

(All facts about the operation)

(The facts critically seek alternatives, simplify, eliminate, combine or change)

(A record of an improved method under prevailing conditions reexamine and select best method)

(Evaluate different alternatives to developing a new improved method comparing the cost-effectiveness)

(Method, procedure, layout, equipment working conditions, materials, quality instructions)

(The improve method, plan to arrange and implement)

(Verify at regular intervals that the improved is in use)

Steps of Method Study

  • Selection of work
  • Recording information
  • Examine information
  • Develop the new process
  • Install the new method
  • Maintain new method

Importance of the Method Study:

  1. To study the existing/propose a method of doing a job.
  2. To-develop a better method to improve productivity and to reduce cost.
  3. To reduce excessive material handling.
  4. Improve the utilization of resources
  5. Standardize work method, working condition, machinery, and tools.
  6. Improved workplace layout.
  7. Improve workflow
  8. Better manpower and capacity utilization.

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