Flow Chart of Final Quality Inspection in Textile Industry

In the textile industry quality inspection is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished products. For the textile and apparel industry product quality is calculated in terms of quality and standard of fibers, yarns, fabric construction, colorfastness, surface designs, and the final finished products. Flow chart of final quality inspection in textile industry is given below.

Final Quality Inspection in Textile Industry
Fabric quality check

Process Flow Chart of Final Quality Inspection:

After completing the finishing process here firstly check the shade as per buyer standard with dimensional stability from the lab.

Secondly, check dia / width fabric weight or GSM

Thirdly check fabric surface or appearance as per buyer standard.

Every roll with every meter checks as per the four-point system.

Make a report.

If OK then ready for delivery.

If not OK then the fault is identified.

If it is a knitting fault then inform the knitting department by job card and mail, & requested the fabric for replacement.

If it is dyeing fault & If make sure that it is reprocessed able then give job card to dyeing department correction. . And if is not reprocess able then reject the fabric & inform the dyeing department to replace the rejected quantity.

A final inspection is the last step of the garment inspection system. In this stage, complete garments are inspected by the buyer. i.e. the size of apparel given to the label of the garment is most important. If the garment is not made with the proper size followed by the garments specification sheet. Then the garment will be useless or rejected by the buyer. It is inspected for the making of garments according to the acceptable tolerance chart. Different parts of garments are inspected in this stage such as garments’ main fabric, accessories, trims, labels, fabric faults, etc. There are various systems for final inspection in the garment industry. A final inspection is very important for an export order shipment.
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