Passes Flow Chart of Yarn in Circular Knitting Machine

Circular knitting machine is widely used through out the knitting industry to produce fabric. This machine can be built in almost any reasonable diameter and the small diameter of up to five, which are used for wear. From beginning to delivery yarn passes to the different devices of circular knitting machine. Flow Chart of Yarn in Circular Knitting Machine are as follows:

Yarn in Circular Knitting Machine
Different parts of circular knitting machine

Passes of Yarn in Circular Knitting Machine




Knot Catcher

Magnet Pressure


Ceramic Eye Pot

Yarn Wheel




Ceramic eye pot (Feeder Ring)


Circular knitting machines are widely used to produce garment length fabrics of seamless inner wear as well as high gauge fabrics for cut-sewing process. Today, circular knitting machines are very popular in the apparel industry all over the world. It’s being widely used all through the knitting industry to produce fabrics. Top-notch quality circular knitting machines are manufactured by Germany, China, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The circular knitting machines are assembled in roughly any reasonable diameter. The circular knitting machines cold be classified in two form. One is single jersey knitting machine and another is double jersey interlock circular knitting machine.

The single jersey machine contains single set of needle and sinker. The cam system in single jersey machines is constant. While the cylinder has needle and sinker could move. Single jersey machine produces plain fabric. The interlock circular knitting machine consists of 2 track cam set up dial and 4 track cylinder, by adjusting the cam, machine can produce various fabric such as bubble-bubble, knitting cloth, little jacquard inter-layer gasket and crape.

The circular knitting machines have to ensure the increased production in excellent quality. It is rather easy to maintain the circular machines. The usage of these machines has ensured that time and money have to saved by the manufacturers in producing fabric.

 Author of this Article:
Raju Tex
 Knitting Technologist, B.J.Group
 Chittagong Textile Engineering College

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