Flow Chart of Blow Room in Cotton Spinning

Blow Room: 

A section in which the supplied compressed bales are opened, cleaned & blending, or mixing to form a uniform lap of specific length is called blowroom section. Tuft size of cotton becomes smaller in this section. 40 to 70% of trash is removed in this section. It is the first step of spinning. Working Flow Chart of Blow Room in Cotton Spinning are as follows:

Blow Room in Cotton Spinning
Blowroom section

Working Flow Chart of Blow Room in Cotton Spinning


(by the action of opposite spikes)

(by the action of beater)


Dust removal (by the action of air current)


Lap sheet formation/ Scutcher/ Chute feeding

Functions of Blow Room

  1. Opening: Opening is the first operation within the blow room in which the goal is always a high degree of openness of material with gentle treatment and a fiber loss as little as possible. Tearing apart the compressed and matted cotton until it is very much loosened and separated into small tufts with a gentle treatment, and a fiber loss as small as possible. It is also related to cleaning as where is opening there is also cleaning.
  2. Cleaning: Cotton contains up to 18% of trash in most cases. To clean the material it is unavoidable to remove as much fiber as much waste. Therefore it is necessary to measure the amount of waste removed and its composition. As its of high importance also called cleaning efficiency. The cleaning efficiency always has to optimize and not maximize, since the fiber quality, as well as fiber loss.
  3. Dust removal: To extract the contamination in the cotton such as leaf, stone, iron particles, jute, polypropylene, colored fibers, feather, and other foreign material from cotton by opening and beating. An often underestimated task of the blow room line is the removal of dust. However, it is as important as the removal of impurities.
  4. Blending Mixing
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