Flow Chart of Dry Process Quality Control for Garments Washing

Quality Control for Garments Washing: 

The finishing process which is applied at the dry condition of the garments is called the dry process. Basically, this process is done in the unwashed condition of the denim garments to ornament the product. After the dry process, the denim garments look nice. Now a day’s some dry processes are applied on twill garments also. The maximum time the dry process is done manually. For better results, we have to maintain the quality control flowchart of garments washing. The flow chart of dry process quality control for garments washing is as follows:

Dry Process Quality Control
Garments drying after washing

Flow Chart of Dry Process Quality Control for Garments Washing:

Before Wash Quality Check
  (OK, if not OK then return to factory)

Size Segregation Whisker

Whisker Marking
( OK )
Hand sand marking

Hand sand done

Quality Check
(OK, if not OK then back to hand sand done)


Quality and Shade Segregation

Lot marking




Shade Checking
(OK, if not OK then back to Wash)

PP Spray

Shade Check



Shade Check
(OK, if not OK the back to Neutralization)


 Dry Processes: The technology which is used to modify the outlook, appearance, fashion, and comfortability of garments is called garments washing. Garments washing could give the aesthetic finish to the denim fabric to enhance the appeal and to provide strength. Denim dry process comes before the wet process and it changes the visual appearance by mechanical abrasion without altering the construction and properties. The garment gets a nice look after the dry process and also it adds value to the product. Fashionable garments produce by the dry process. Different dry processes have been used in the garments industry. We will discuss this soon.

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