Typical Flow Chart of Short Staple Spinning

Spinning is a major part of the textile industry. It is part of the textile manufacturing process where three types of fiber are converted into yarn. In short staple spinning various machine and process are used. A typical flowchart of short staple spinning is given below.

Short staple spinning

Typical Flow Chart of Short Staple Spinning




Roving Frame

Ring Frame

A short description of the above process:

Blowroom: The blow room is the first step of yarn production in the spinning mill. Bales are taken to the blow room and prepared for the process. Briefly, basic operations in the blow room are:

  • Opening
  • Cleaning
  • Dust removal
  • Blending
  • Even feed of material to the card

Carding: Carding is the most important process in spinning. It is always considered by the experts that a card is the heart of the spinning mill. The importance of carding is still greater where new spinning systems are concerned.

Drawing: Drawing is the operation by which slivers are blended, doubled, and leveled. In short-staple spinning, the term is only applied to the process at a draw frame. In drawing slivers are elongated when passing through a group of pair rollers, each pair is moving faster than the previous one.

Roving Frame: The roving frame is used for reducing the weight of the drawn sliver by the drafting and low twisting is applied to the roving.

Operations Involved in roving frame

  • Creeling
  • Drafting
  • Twisting
  • Winding
  • Building
  • Doffing

Ring Frame: Ring frame is used for producing the required count of yarn from the supplied roving by the drafting. It is the last machine of typical spinning operation.

Operations involved in ring frame:

  • Creeling
  • Drafting
  • Twisting
  • Winding
  • Building
  • Doffing

Note: Pre-drawing, post-drawing, lap forming, combing, winding, and heat setting are also used in short-staple spinning. In this flowchart, I have only discussed the typical process.

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