Flow Chart of Draw Texturing Process

Draw texturing:

After producing the POY yarn it is going for Texturing process to give many types of effect on the yarn. Such as crimp, bulkiness, crease, etc. in our plant we declared earlier the final product of POY is to go to the Draw Textured, draw Tension & Draw warping. Draw Texturing Process is discussed below.

Draw Texturing Process

Flow Chart of Draw Texturing Process

The process flowchart of the draw texturing process has given below:

Creel pipe Cutter

Cutter guide Rubber

Cote apron Twist

Stopper pulley

Primary heater

Cooling plate

Spindle (draw/twisting)


Secondary heater Oiler roller 

Drawing is a process where a group of slivers or filaments is elongated by passing them through a semi-series pair of rollers pairs. Each pair of roller moving faster than the previous one. After drawing, drawn filaments are wound with or without twist into a package. For many applications, flat filament yarns are textured to gain increased bulkiness, porosity, softness, and elasticity in some situations. Thermoplastic filament yarn is used in most texturing processes. The inter-fiber bonds break and reform during the texturing process.

Draw texturing was done on a rebuilt Barmag FK 4 production machine. The draw texturing process for which we used false twist spindles was carried out sequentially and simultaneously. The physics of both processes and the combined influence of drawing and texturing on the structural and textile properties of the yarns are discussed. Process parameters like spinning speed, draw ratio, hot-pin temperature, heater temperature, yarn twist, over-feed, and yam tension were included in the tests. By variation of these parameters, yam properties were optimized. The physical and textile properties of the yams were tested, with special attention to the uniformity of the yam crimp.  The properties of sequentially and simultaneously textured yarns are compared with each other and with a conventionally textured yarn.

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