Production Sequence of Fabric Spreading and Cutting

Fabric Spreading: 

Fabric spreading is a process by which plies of fabric are spread in order to get the required length and width as per marker dimension. It is done after marker making. This is a preparatory operation for cutting and consists of laying. It is important in the garments industry because without spreading fabric not possible to cut so many pieces of cloth at a time. The production sequence of fabric spreading and cutting are discussed below:

Fabric Cutting:

Cutting is the process that cut out the pattern pieces from specified fabric for making garments. After fabric spreading, fabric cutting is done by the cutter. It is one of the basic operations to make a garment.

Production Flowchart of Fabric Spreading and Cutting


Fabric spreading is an important operation in garment manufacturing. It is a subsection of the fabric cutting department in the apparel industry. Fabrics are cut at a time for a number of garments in apparel industries. Fabric spreading is the process of laying fabrics in the stack as per marker length & width. Multiple spreading is performed by spreading machines, which provide fabric feeding & transportation, ensure tension-free spreading & material cutting in needed length pieces.

The shape of the fabrics that is attained as per the spreading of fabric is called the fabric lay. In the fabric lay, there may have fabrics in two to hundreds of layers. Trying to represent the maximum number of fabric plies in the lay, the program generates all spreads. Fabrics with similar properties are grouped together for one spread to reduce spreading time. If a disproportionate number of layers (a very small number) appears for separate spreads, the program can perform automatic balancing. However, fabric spreading is a time-consuming job.

As the fabric layer is made by the spread of hundreds of layers of fabrics and it is done on the cutting table, the construction of the table should be the strong one and the top of it should be well smoothed. Especially, if the spreading machine is set on the spreading table, the table should be better constructed. The good quality spreading table possesses holes on their tops through which air is blown outside from the inside.

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