Flow Chart of Rieter Blowroom Line

Rieter Blowroom Line: 

The number of machines arranged in a line on series to perform all the functions to form a uniform lap form cotton bale is called blow room line. A blowroom line is a sequence of different machines arranged in series and connected by transport ducts. Rieter blow room line consists of the following machines, as shown in Fig.

Rieter Blowroom Line
Fig: Rieter Blowroom Line

Flow Chart of Rieter Blowroom Line

1. Unifloc (A -11)
(Bale opener)

2. Uniclean (B-12)

3. Unimix (B-75)
(Homogenous mixer)

4. Unistore (A-78)
(Storage and feeding machine)

5. Condenser (A- 21)

6. Card (C-60)

7. Sliver Coiler (CBA -4) 

Blow Room:

Blow room is the place where the spinning preparation begins. It is the initial step of yarn manufacturing. Firstly, opening the fibers into small tufts, then cleaning the trash out of the fibers including micro dust thoroughly, and furthermore, blending them homogeneously with different grades of fibers altogether are the prime functions of blow room.

In processing the material, different types of machines are necessary, namely those suitable for opening, those for cleaning, and those for blending. Different intensities of processing are also required because the tufts continually become smaller as they pass from stage to stage. Accordingly, while a coarsely clothed cleaning assembly is ideal after the bale opener. For example, it is inappropriate at the end of the line. Therefore, there are no universal machines, and a blow room line is a sequence of different machines arranged in series and connected by transport ducts. In its own position in the line, each machine gives an optimum performance – at any other position, it gives less than its optimum. Also, there may be advantages in different modes of transport, feeding, processing, and cleaning and so on from one machine to another along the line.
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