Working Flow Chart of Roving Frame

In the yarn manufacturing process, the roving frame or simplex is situated after the comber. The sliver is produced from the comber that is thicker and it is not suitable to feed into the ring frame directly to produce yarn. The roving frame is used to reduce the weight of the drawn sliver by the drafting and low twisting is applied to the roving. Here, the Working chart of roving frame is as follows:

Chart of Roving Frame

Operations Involved in the roving frame:

  1. Creeling
  2. Drafting
  3. Twisting
  4. Winding
  5. Building
  6. Doffing

Working Flow Chart of Roving Frame:

Attenuation of drawn sliver to form roving of required count by drafting.

Insert small amount of twist to give required strength to roving.

Wind the twisted roving onto the bobbin.

Build the roving in the full length of the bobbin in such a form that will facilitate handling, transfer, and feeding to the ring frame.

Roving Frame:

It is an intermediate process in which fibers are converted into low twist lea called roving. The sliver which is taken from the draw frame is thicker so it is not suitable for the manufacturing of yarn. Its purpose is to prepare the input package for the next process. This package is to prepare on a small compact package called bobbins. The roving machine is complicated, liable to a fault, causes defect adds to the production costs and deliver the product. This winding operation makes us roving frame complex.

There are two main basic reasons for using roving frame:

  1. The roving sliver is thick and untwisted. Because of its hairiness and fly are created. So the draft is needed to reduce the linear density of the sliver. The ring drafting arrangement is not capable that it may process the roving sliver to make the yarn.
  2. Draw frame can represent the worst conceivable mode of transport and presentation of feed material to the ring-spinning frame.
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