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Working Flow Chart of Wet Spinning Process

Working Flow Chart of Wet Spinning Process
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalilullah
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

Wet spinning:
In wet spinning a suitable solvent is used to prepare fiber forming solution and another coagulant is used in coagulating bath. Solution is extruded through spinneret and in contact of coagulant cellulose is regenerated.
Schematic diagram of wet spinning process
Working Flow Chart of Wet Spinning Process

At first solid polymer and suitable solvent is dissolved in a solution vessel.

The solution is then heated in heat exchanger.

The solution is passed/extruded to spinneret which immersed in a coagulation bath/spin bath by pump.

The polymer is chemically regenerated and it is converted into the filament of solid form.

The filament is converged and wound on bobbin.

The wended filament is then drawn and finally it is washed & dried and is also wound on suitable package.