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Flow Chart of Garment Export Process

Flow Chart of Garment Export Process
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Garment Export Process:
Garments order execution is not an easy task that normally we think. It is complex process which are done by garments merchandiser. The main role of garments merchandiser is to collect garments export order, produce the garments, export the garments and earn profit. To perform those functions successfully needs lot of knowledge, experience and tremendous effort for a merchandiser. The flowchart of garment export process is given bellow.
Garments cartoning for export purpose
Flow Chart of Garment Export Process

Contact with buyer
Order collection


Order Confirmation

Master L/C

T & A Calendar Making

Fabric & Accessories Booking

Back to Back L/C


Fabric & Trims in House

Innovatory Checking & Report Making

Pre-Production Meeting

Pattern and Marker Making of Bulk Production

Trial Cutting

Bulk Cutting

Numbering –Bundling & Sorting

Production Line Set-up



Pre-Final Inspection

Final Inspection