Organogram of IE Department in Garment Industry

Industrial Engineering:

Industrial engineering is a very important department in the garment and textile industry. Its main purpose to establish methods for improving the operation and controlling the production costs. It also develops programmers for reducing costs. IE includes in garment industry management dept., supply chain, process, operation, cost and value, quality, planning, etc. An Organogram of the industrial engineering IE Department in the Garment and apparel industry is given below.

Organogram of IE Department in Garment Industry
Organogram of IE Department in Garment Industry


Assistant manager

Senior IE officer

IE officer

Assistant Officer

Management Trainee

Garments manufacturing factories are facing the global competition of cost-saving, productivity, and quality improvement. Consequently, Industrial Engineering – IE is dealing with these factors to reach the highest level of productivity, quality with minimum waste.

That’s why an industrial engineer has a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the garments manufacturing sector by implementing all engineering tools for the growth of this industry. IE team works in cutting, sewing, and finishing to reduce manpower and WIP, setting line Layout increases work efficiency, productivity, Demand forecasting, develop a new design, Develop Layout, CNC machine operation, Scheduling, Work with different quality tools, Line balancing, Bend product and seasoning development, Efficiency, Wages and earning calculation, Capacity analysis, Kaizen, Kanban, Production planning, Calculate NPT, Bottleneck removing, and so on.

An IE analyzes CM, SMV, costing, consumption, profit- Loss. Good IE teams make a good efficient factory. They also follow up daily production targets and production achievement being responsible for production, works in the sewing line if there any bottleneck.  Generally, Textile engineer, IPE engineer, and other academic background work in Garments IE department, career growth is very quick here. After merchandising, all textile graduates go for IE job in a Garment factory. Starting a career in the IE department is not very easy, there is a challenge too and pressure to fill up the production target of assigned sewing lines. This is the era of 4.0 industrial revolution where people go innovative ways to increase the growth of productivity.

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