Flow Chart of Migration Yarn Dyeing Process

Migration Process: 

In the previous article, we have discussed on typical yarn dyeing process, the isothermal yarn dyeing process. In this article, I will discuss the flowchart of the migration process of yarn dyeing.

Yarn dyeing process
Yarn dyeing process

Flow Chart of Migration Process of Yarn Dyeing

Yarn wets fairly with 90% water

Chemicals (MA Scour – AIN, Imerol – PCLF, Stabilol-ZM, Securon – 540) injected for 2 cycles 10-12 min at 40-500 ºC

NaOH(Pearls) is injected for 5-6 min at 500 ºC & the Run for 6 min.

Temperature is raised to 600 ºC & then H2O2 (50% Soln) is injected at 600 ºC for 6 minute

Run time 1000 ºC×48 min.

Cooling at 750 ºC

Hot Drain

Water filling for 6 min & then Overflow is done for 2 cycles (12min) for cooling

Hot wash has done at 800 ºC for 2 cycles (12min)


90% water filling again overflow done for 12 min

Peroxide Killer (Reduzol – PK) Injected at 600 ºC & run for 14 min


Overflow has done for 6 min to cool the temperature


Water filling & overflow has done for 10 minute

Acetic Acid is added at normal temperature (36-400 ºC)

Run for 11 min

Water filling & overflow is done for 10 minute


Bleaching Test (Immersion test)

90% water filling

Chemicals {Jinlev-RLA-225 + Hostapol –EH Liq + Antisil –Conz + MA Scour Ain (Prep-IN) }are mixed in the mixing tank &½ of the chemicals are injected & run for 6 min at 400 ºC

Glauber Salt mixed with return water in the tank

Glauber Salt dosing is done at 600 ºC & run for 22 min

Dyes mixed for 10 – 15 min

Colour is Dosed at 400 ºC for 18 minutes & then

Run for 3Cycle (18 minute) at 900 ºC(By 1.50C/min)

Cooling at 600C (By 1.50 ºC/min)

Soda is mixed for 10-12 min at 600 ºC & run for 30 min

Soda dosed for 30 min at 600C

Run for 600 ºC × 60 min

Sample check

If Ok than Drain

Water filling

Overflow for 10 min

Acetic Acid is added at 400 ºC & Run for 1 cycle

Overflow has done for 6-7 minutes.

Cottoblanc-NSR is given at 980 ºC & run for 30 min to remove unfix color

Sample Check

If OK than drain

Overflow for 10 min

Hot wash is done at 700 ºC & Run for 11 min

Drain for 5 min

Overflow for 10 min

Drain for 5 min

Water filling at 36-400 ºC

Run for 5000 ºC×20 min

Overflow for 10 min


Water Leveling

Zetafix-R (WER) Ablusoft –AC + Oiling –CT -200 + Acetic Acid mixed for 6 min at 4000 ºC

Run for 18 min at 600 ºC



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