Flow Chart of Blow Room Line for Medium Grade Cotton

Blow Room Line:

In the blow room section compressed cotton bale turns into a uniform lap of particular length by opening, cleaning, blending or, mixing. A number of machines are arranged in a line on series to perform all the functions to form a uniform lap form cotton bale is called blow room line. Blow room is the first step of spinning. Cotton is the raw material or input material of blow room. Different types of grade cotton are used in the blow room unit. In this article, I will give a flowchart of blow room line for medium grade cotton.

Front part of blowroom line for Medium Grade Cotton
The front part of the blow room line

Flow Chart of Blow Room Line for Medium Grade Cotton

Bale opener

Hopper feeder

Porcupine opener

Crighton opener

Cage condenser

Hopper feeder

Porcupine beater (2 no.)

18” beater

Dust tank

Two-way distribution

Hopper feeder with reserve box


At first spinning process is begun with converting highly compressed cotton in bales into the form of a thoroughly loosened, opened, and cleaned state. In a spinning mill, those steps of processing are carrying in the blow room. The 1st stage of spinning involves converting lightly compressed cotton bales into the form of opened and cleaned fiber flocks.

Blow room Processes

In this process, the fibers in the bale form will be loosened, opened, and cleaned. This blow room is the beginner stage of the spinning Process. he basic blow room operations include

  1. Opening the bales of fibers and making cotton tufts as small as possible.
  2. Cleaning the fiber removing all dirt, dust, and waste materials from it.
  3. Blending and mixing are essential to improve yarn quality and reduce production costs.
  4. Removal of micro dust particles.
  5. Feeding to the carding machine.
  6. Waste recycling.
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