Process Flow Chart of Blow Room Operation

Blow Room: 

A section in which the supplied compressed bales are opened, cleaned & blending, or mixing to form a uniform lap of specific length is called the blow room section. The cleaning efficiency of blow room is 60 to 65%. This is the first section of the spinning line for spinning cotton yarn. Blow Room Operation will be discussed below.

 Blow Room Operation

Process Flow Chart of Blow Room Operation


Opening (by the action of opposite spikes)

Cleaning (by the action of beater)


Dust removal (by the action of air current)


Lap sheet formation

[(i) Scutcher(fixed) intermittent.
(ii) Chute feeding (continuous).]

Basic Operation in Blow Room

Opening: In opening is the first operation required carried out to the stage of flocks in the blow room. In this stage, individual fibers in the card flock weight reduce to about 0.1mg in the room.

Cleaning: Blow room can’t eliminate all or even almost all of the impurities matter in the raw material. Blow room installation can remove approximately 40% to 70% of the impurities. The result is dependent on raw material on the m/c s & on the environment.

Dust Removal: Dust removal isn’t an easy operation. Since the dust particles completely enclose in the flocks. Hence are back during suction. The suction units remove 64% dust.

Blending: Fibers are blending at various stages of the process. The beginning of the process is one of the most crucial stages of blending. Intensive blending in a suitable blending m/c must carry out after separate flock extraction from individual bales of the layout. This blending operation must collect the sequentially arriving bunches of fibers from individual bales & mixes them thoroughly.

Even the feed of material of the card: Finally, the blow room must ensure that raw material evenly delivered to the cards.

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