Process Flow Chart of Vintage Wash

Vintage wash means they’ve taken a new garment and put it through a kind of torture wash in order to approximate a kind of worn, faded look to make the garment look older than it really is.

Vintage washed jeans
Effect off Vintage washed jeans


  • Soda = 1g/l
  • Hydrogen peroxide = 0.5g/l
  • Temp = 700C
  • Time= 5min later checking for shade matching
  • Acetic acid (for neutralization) = 0.2-0.5 cc/l
  • Softener = 0.5-1 g/l

Process Flow Chart of Vintage Wash

Adding soda, peroxide, water and load the material

Rising temperature 700C and treating for 5 min

Shade checking 5-minute interval

Bath drop

Neutralization by acetic acid @ 0.2-0.5 cc/l

uSoftening with softener @ 0.5-1 g/l

The garment dye process is done all time after making the garments. Traditional garments are made from pre-dyed fabric. Garment dye can be pigment dye or cold dye which totally depends on the buyer’s instruction. The main advantage of this process is the cost-effectiveness of producing identical garments of particular colors. Also, it has another advantage, due to garments dyeing; it becomes softer and feels more vintage which is one of the important factors to satisfy the buyer.

Stone Wash presents “Used effect” or “Vintage effect” on the garments. Traditionally vintage washing is done by using a pumice stone to achieve a desirable look. Here, Pumice stone is one of the most important components used to abrade the surface of the fabric of the garment. This is due to the varying degree of abrasion in the garments. vintage washing makes the garments more supple so that it fits more comfortably. In the current fashionable era, stone washing is most common than other garments wash.

Advantages of Vintage Wash:

Various advantages of vintage washing are mentioned in the following:

  1. Garments have achieved the vintage or Old look effect after stone washing.
  2. The desired shade is easily achieved by applying stone washing.
  3. Stone washing makes the garments more fashionable.
  4. Less time is needed to achieve the desired shade than enzyme wash.
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