Process Flow Chart of Flat Bed Knitting Section

Flat Bed Knitting: 

The first flat bar machine demonstrated in 1862 and patented in 1865 by the Rev. Isaac Wixom Lamb, an American Clergyman. He later changed the arrangement to the inverted V-bed shape patented by Eisenstuck. We will discuss the Flat Bed Knitting Section

Flat Bed Knitting Machine
Flat Bed Knitting Machine

They have been employed mainly in knitting simulated hand -knitted constructions of a specialty type, such as cable stitch, basket purl, and lace patterning. Generally, a Flat Bed Knitting Machine uses to produce a collar and cuff.

Process Flow Chart of Flat Bed Knitting Section:

The process flowchart of the Flat Bed knitting is as follows:

Sample Collar/ Cuff.

Design & Size analysis.

Machine Selection.

Machine Setting for the Required Design.

Knitting of the collar/ Cuff.

Confirm Required Quality.

Withdraw the Collar/ Cuff and Weighting.

Inspection of the Collar/ Cuff.



Flat Bed Knitting Machine produces flat pieces. The fabric which is produced by the machine is usually weft knitted fabric. There, Flat fabric will produce. In the flat knitting machine needles are kept stationary and the cam will move along the width of the machine ( vice versa to the circular knitting machine ). It first invested in the 1865.

Most common knitting machine for hobbyists and boutique producers. Garments produced from a flatbed knitting machine normally have side seams. ; It is not possible to knit in the round on a flatbed knitting machine. Flat bed knitting machines cannot work purl stitches or garter stitches automatically. A flatbed knitting machine comprising a flat elongate bed on which is retained a plurality of parallel, latchable, needles equally spaced along the length of the bed and each movable relative to the bed in a direction lengthwise of the needles and transverse of the bed length.

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