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Flow Chart of Dyeing for Dark Shade

Flow Chart of Dyeing for Dark Shade
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Shade variation is a common and most painful word for a dyeing manager. Because matching dyeing shade is a very complex task. There are three types of shade; light shade, medium shade and dark shade. In this article I will give a flowchart of fabric dyeing for dark shade.
Different shade
Process Sequence of Dyeing for Dark Shade:

At first the bath is set at 50° C & take the right volume of water in the dye bath.

Required amount of wetting agent is added.

Caustic soda is added & second heat command 60°C & stabilizer is added also.

H202 is dosed & 10' runs.

Temperture raised to 98°C & run the material for 30'

Cooling the bath at 75°C & bath is drained

At 90° C the material is run for 15 mins

Cooling the bath to 75°C to drain

Add Acetic Acid to neutralize the whole bath of fabric & run time is 20'

Rinse the fabric for 5' & bath is drained .

New water from reserver is taken & pH should be 4.5-5 .

Enzyme is injected to the bath . Run time is 60' at 55°C

Temp. raised to 70° C & run time 10' & then drain

Again new water is taken & dosing of glaubar salt for 20' & pH should be check
(pH =7)

Color dosing for 30' at 50°C

Soda is added by dosing for 40'at 50°C

Then raise the temp. & run the fabric for 35-60'.At this time after every 10' the sample is checked.

Rinse the material for 10' & bath is drained.

At room temp. acid treatment is done for 20'& rinse the material for 5'

Soaping is done at 90°C for 10 min & bath is drained.

Fixing agent is added at 50° C & run time is 20' & bath is drained

Softening is done at 60° C for 20'& bath is drained.

Finally the fabric is unloaded.