Flow Chart of Machine Wash in Dyeing

Machine Wash in dyeing or Rinse Wash:

Machine wash is used in dyeing frequently. To clean the dyeing machine after every operation machine wash is used. It is also called a ring wash. Normally hydrose and caustic soda are used for machine washing. The flow chart of machine wash in dyeing or rinse washing are as follow:

Dyeing machine
Dyeing machine

Flow Chart of Machine Washing in Dyeing

Add hydrose (6 g/L) & caustic Soda (6 g/L)

Run 20′ at 110° C

Run 10′ at 95° C

Run 10′ at 80° C

Run 10′ at 60° C

Run 10′ at 40° C


To began the process, wet and place the items in the washing machine. Now time to set the washer to the hottest possible setting. And a wash cycle of at least 30 mins or longer. The longer the items are in the dye, the more saturated the color will be a drain, and then spin. Wearing rubber gloves, mix the powder or, well-shaken liquid dye with very hot water; stir well.

To enhance the color and reduce color bleeding, have to dissolve one cup of salt in 4 cups of very hot water. If dyeing natural fibers like cotton or line. If dyeing in silk or nylon, mix one cup of white vinegar with 2-4 cups of hot tap water.

Now time to add one teaspoon of dish detergent to the solution in order to promote uniform dyeing. Then start the cycle, pouring the dye solution into the dispenser. Then, pour the salt or vinegar solution.

Flush the dispenser thoroughly with 4 more cups of hot tap water. Use a fixative immediately after dyeing and before washing. Lastly, re-wash the item in warm water with mild detergent.

To clean the machine washing: Wipe around the inside of the lid and pour a little bleach through the internal dispenser as dyes can get into these areas. Then, fill the washer to the highest water level there is and select the hottest water temperature setting. Add detergent with 2 cups of chlorine bleach and run a full wash cycle with a few old towels.

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