Flow Chart of Finishing Layout in Garment Factory


Finishing will ensure that the size wise quantity is ok as per order quantity. If there any size missing or size-wise breakdown not accurate as per order quantity they have to inform the respective production officer. Here is a flow chart of the finishing layout in a garment factory.

Finishing Layout in Garment Factory

Flow Chart of Finishing Layout in Garment Factory

Thread cutting

Repeat button

Pocket cleaning

Inside pre-final

Top side pre-final

Thread sucker


Final check

Measurement check

Get up

Hand tag

Hand tag level check



The finishing Process is included with many processes viz: ironing, attach ticketing, Folding, Packing, and so on. Product quality, performance, and product presentation depend on the Garments finishing process. A good finishing process gives a factory a better result. I have already given the process flow chart of the finishing layout in a garment Factory.

All the processes of Finishing have discussed in the below table:

1. Sewn garments received in the finishing sectionHere, sewn garments are received for finishing the garments.
2. Initial quality checkSewn garments are checked here by the quality controller. If found major sewing problems then garments sent again to the sewing section for rectification.
3. Spot removing if there’s any spotSometimes garments contain various types of spots which removes here carefully.
4. Ironing or pressingIt’s one of the important processes in garment finishing. Here garments are ironed by following the measurement chart of those garments.
5. InspectionAfter completing ironing or finishing, garments are inspected again here by the quality controller to confirm the correct measurement of the apparel.
6. Hangtag attachingIn this section, the hangtag has to attach to the garments.
7. FoldingAfter completing all the above processes, garments are folded here.
8. PolybagGarments are poly-bagged here to keep the garments dust, dirt, and other impurities free. send the garments safely to the buyer.
9. Metal checkIn this section, garments should be passed through a metal detector machine to identify metal lies in the garments.
10. Packaging or cartooningFinally, all the garments should pack to send the garments safely to the buyer.
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