Flow Chart of 4 Point Quality Inspection in Garment Industry

Quality Inspection: 

Quality is a relative term. It means customer needs are to be satisfied. It is the prior requirement for the buyer. Inspection in reference to the apparel industry can be defined as the visual examination or review of raw materials (like fabric, sewing threads, buttons, trims, etc). There are various methods to inspect the quality of garments. They are 4 point system, 10 point system, Graniteville “78″ system, Dallas system, etc. Among them, 4 Point system for fabric inspection is widely used in the apparel industry for fabric quality inspection. Process flow chart of 4 point quality inspection system has given in the following:

4 Point Quality Inspection
Quality inspection of fabric

Flow Chart of 4 Point Quality Inspection

Confirmation of garments quantity

Confirmation of trimmings and accessories

Measurement inspection

Garment’s in-side inspection

Garment’s out-side inspection

Final inspection


All the above processes have discussed in the below table:

1. Confirmation of garments quantity:In the first step of quality, inspection is, a quality inspector has to confirm the total quantity of garments according to the buyer’s requirement.
2. Confirmation of trimmings and accessories:The quality inspector should check various trimmings and accessories needed in the garments according to the buyer’s instructions.
3. Measurement inspection:In this stage, the quality inspector should compare the garment measurements against the customer’s measurement charts such as sleeve length, garment length, etc.
4. Garment’s in-side inspection:Here, the quality inspector should check the garment’s inside part to find out various problems such as unbalanced sleeve edge, incorrect side shape, etc.
5. Garment’s out-side inspection:The quality inspector should check here the garment’s outside part to find out different problems such as open seam, needle holes & marks, etc.
6. Final inspection:In the final inspection, the quality inspector should check different issues about the garments such as shade variation from one part of the garment to another, correct labeling, etc.
7. Packing:The quality inspector should check various problems of packing according to buyers’ instructions. Viz dirt & stains, the correct size of poly bag, garment quantity per carton, and so on.
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